Lesson 1 Example

What do you bid on the following hands ? Answers below

As opener what would you open?

1. sp AQ10

    ht KJ10

      d A109

     cl 9876

2. sp AJ

    ht  Q43

     d  K98765

     cl AJ

3.  sp AQ876

     ht  5

     d AKJ763

     cl 32

Answers to Above:

1.1NT - add a half a point for every 10 attached to an honor. The "stuffing" -10+ 9's improve the hand)

2.1 NT- The diamond suit is to weak for an invitational bid of 3 d. As you have points located in the doubletons treat this hand as a NT opener.

3. 1 d-Open the 6-card diamond suit first and rebid the second suit - spades TWICE to show a 6/5 shape..

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